• Nov 07, 2013
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First Air Date : Nov 07, 2013

Last Air Date : Nov 07, 2013

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Seasons : 4 Seasons

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Surgeon Sagara Kosuke changed the mentalities of the doctors and nurses at Dogami General Hospital with a mixture of severity and cajoling. Before that, the hospital appeared to be a hopeless case. All the director Dogami Tamaki and administrator Momoi Shoichi thought of was its finances while the doctors did not care about patients. But Sagara is not the typical medical hero who is a stifling, hot-blooded, good person. He would stop at nothing to improve the hospital for patients and adjust his strategies according to the challenges and parties involved. Now the problem of the hospital’s next successor rapidly surfaces and intensifies the antagonism between Sagara and Moriyama Takashi.

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