Coup de foudre


Coup de foudre

  • Sep 05, 2016
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First Air Date : Sep 05, 2016

Last Air Date : Dec 08, 2017

Epsodes : 160 Epsodes

Seasons : 2 Seasons

Runtime : 00:30:14 minutes

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Network : V

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The dating show Coup de foudre is back! Extremely popular in the 90’s, the format will remain the same but be revamped au « goût du jour »! The concept is very simple: make a perfect match between 3 men and 3 women looking for love! Candidates answer to questions and participate to several role playing during the show without seeing each other. At the end of each show, we find out if there is a possibility of Coup de foudre when they see each other? Do they like what they see?